Diyarbakir Travel Guide introduced
Diyarbakir Travel Guide introduced,diyarbakir,travel,guide,introduced

The travel guide wich has been prepered by Department of Culture and Turizm, has been introduced. Travel guide wich has been published in 6 different languages is product of one year of work.
Mayor Osman Baydemir, the Secretary-General of Development Agency Ilhan Karakoyunlu, Mayor of Çinar Ahmet Cengiz, Mayor of Hani Abdurrahman Zoğurlu and representatives from the tourism sector joined the introductory meeting at Sumer Park Reception Hall.

The Head of Culture and Tourism Muharrem Cebe told about preparation phase of travel guide. Cebe told they have published that guide in 6 different languages û said, “Development Agency supported us of publishing 3 of these books; and other 3 books has been funded by Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality. Book are in 3 Kurdish dialects Kurmanci, Dimili, Sorani and in English, Turkish and Arabic languages.”

Cebe told about number of published books and said they have published 3 thousand books in Kurmanci, 3 thousands in Turkish, 2 thousands in English, 1 thousand in Sorani, 1 thousand in Dimili and 1 thousand in Arabic languages.
Muharrem Cebe also told that they have published 63 thousand postcards as 21 different kinds, and 3 differend published brochures in these 6 languages. He said brochures are about Mosques and Churcs of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir City Walls and Castle and Mala Dengbêjan (Dengbêj's House).

Virtual Diyarbakir tour
 The Head of Culture and Tourism told they also prepered a web site for that gtravel guide and they have put a 360 degrees virtual tour of Diyarbakir. “In that way, from any where of world people can reach our city. Our web site is on web now. Out works for turizm will not end here. We will publish books about Diyarbakir history and food culture of Diyarbakir, soon.” said Cebe.

Secretary-General of Development Agency Ilhan Karakoyunlu also gave a speech in reception and said “Why Diyarbakir will not compete with London, Rome or Vienna?” Karakoyun also said turism sector is resort of worklessness ans said, “Diyarbakir must have a turism strategy. We have to go on projects like that and introduce Diyarbakir to world.”

We spend our investmen and effort for infrastructure

The Mayor of  Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Osman Baydemir told Diyarbakir is one of rare cities in the world and said that treasure must be reveal. “We will spend most of our investmen and effort for infrastructure in Suriçi and turism sector. I can say that easily.”

Baydemir remaned they have started with 50 thousand “Stons and Dreams” book and with 10 thousand turism guides wich are been published by GABB, they have reached about 10 thousand people.

The Mayor Baydemir told that work is the nicest and best travel guide about Diyarbakir and said with publishing that guide they are happy. Baydemir said they have been published some of them in Arabic and Sorani for Arabic and Kurdish people who are live in Syria, Iran and Iraq. “This is the first step that Diyarbakir will be center of turism in Middle East.” said the Mayor of  Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Osman Baydemir Baydemir.

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